Food Services

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Over 23,000 Hawai‘i County residents struggle with food insecurity, of which over 70% fall below the 200% poverty threshold. And, since the beginning of the pandemic, food insecurity in the state has grown by 50%. In an environment with a rich agricultural heritage and a diverse number of local farms and culinary businesses, we partner with local vendors to distribute reliable and nutritious meals to food-scarce households. Some of our programs also provide job opportunity through skills training and professional experience in the food service and agricultural sectors.

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Senior Farmers Market Nutrition

Cheryl Octavio, Manager

This program provides seniors access to fresh, local food at farmers markets.

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HCEOC Kitchen

Darrell Egami, Manager

The HCEOC Kitchen prepares meals for nutrition programs and select schools.

'Ohana Meals To Go

‘Ohana Meals to Go

Cheryl Octavio, Manager

‘Ohana Meals To Go provides fresh, affordable takeout meals with families in mind.

Citric Acid Voucher

Citric Acid Voucher

Crystal Reed

We sell vouchers for citric acid to the public to help communities offset invasive coqui outbreaks in their area.