Disaster Relief Assistance

In collaboration with the State of Hawai‘i Office of Community Services, HCEOC’s Disaster Relief Assistance Program offers rental assistance and transportation service to low-income individuals displaced by the Kīlauea eruption of 2018.

Program Requirements

  1. Proof of residence: Individuals must submit the rental agreement or property title, valid in 2018, for their evacuated place of residence and proof of residence in current rental of six or more months (if applicable).

  2. Proof of income: Pay stubs or other proof of employment to determine annual income, which must fall within 200% of the poverty guideline for the state of Hawai‘i (see below).

  3. Non-government assistance: Individuals who received government assistance for the 2018 Kīlauea eruption do not qualify for this program; DRAP is only able to assist individuals who have not received previous county, state, or federal assistance relating to this eruption.
Household SizeCombined Annual Household Income
(poverty guideline)
200% of Poverty Guideline
(maximum income required to qualify)


DRAP Application

Email application to Ashley Sumi at asumi@hceoc.net or mail to 47 Rainbow Drive in Hilo.