Food Service

HCEOC operates a kitchen in Hilo.  Th Food Service Program prepares meals for private pre-schools, K-12 schools and charter schools throughout the island.  It also serves congregate senior sites. The Food Service Program offers job training for low-income individuals who are interested in culinary careers through programs such as FTW, VIP, SEE, STEP.  Inquiries regarding the Food Service program and the services it offers should be directed to the HCEOC Food Service Manager.

For more information about this program, please contact Martha Aguilar.


Our farm provides training for individuals in the First To Work Program, who have left school, to acquire basic agricultural skills. This makes hiring them more attractive to employers in the agriculture business sector. The farm is located in Hilo at Sunrise Ridge, with ten acres of workable land, situated on a total of 24 acres.



Farm Manager, Eddie Yokoyama donates pineapples to Hawai’i Island Food Basket.  These pineapples were grown at HCEOC’s farm located in Hilo Sunrise Ridge.















For more information about this program, please contact Eddie Yokoyama, at (808) 961-2681 ext 409, or



The job training program was designed to assist low income individuals in becoming prepared for a permanent regular employment position. Training includes; basic walk through of the position and duties, practice and actual scenarios before placed in the training position, organizational policies and procedures, and general worth ethic. Training period varies from referring program timelines. If participant is not a referral, program training is 6-12 months, dependent on the participants progress. The program goal is to qualify the participant for permanent employment when training is complete.

For more information about this, please contact Mary Namauu, Fiscal Officer, at (808)961-2681 ext. 206, or